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    Company profile
    1. Shenzhen EvB Technology Co.,Ltd., was established in 2012, located in No.6352, Pingshan Avenue, Shatin Community, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The company focuses on the design and development of power battery system. The design team has 7 senior experts and 23 engineers with the leading level in the industry. Company has been in east China (yangzhou thermal management projects department/changzhou PACK project team), north China (Beijing/thermal baic thermal management team), south China (zhuhai PACK project department/zhongshan thermal management team, research and development department in shenzhen), southwest (chongqing dajiang one for the team/project/chengdu nanning Martin program) to set up an office, Support customers to carry out design and development work; Focusing on innovation and research, the company has developed more than 40 patented technologies in thermal management, high voltage safety, standardized devices and other aspects. The core team applies for and obtains patents: Four invention patents have been authorized, and more than 30 utility model patents have been used by the three major technical teams to jointly develop battery packs and thermal management systems. The team's core technical heat conduction expert is a researcher of the National Thousand Talents Plan. 3 thermal management engineers and battery experts with doctor's degree 3 engineers and management personnel with more than 10 years of experience in the design of battery enterprises structure experts 4 + electric vehicle PACK \ energy storage power station structure design, high voltage safety, energy storage battery system management and other aspects have a profound understanding and years of experience.

    Core team

    • Application and acquisition of patents: 4 invention patents have been authorized and more than 30 utility model patents have been obtained
    • Three cross-border technical teams jointly develop battery pack and thermal management system

    Team technology core
    • Heat transfer expert: 1 researcher of national thousand talents program, 3 thermal management engineers with doctoral degree
    • Battery experts: 3 engineers and managers with more than 10 years of design experience in famous battery enterprises
    • Structural experts: more than 4 structural experts who have a deep understanding of the structure of electric vehicle energy storage power station

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