Shenzhen EvB Technology Co.,Ltd., was established in 2012, located in No.6352, Pingshan Avenue, Shatin Community, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The company focuses on the design and development of power battery system. The design team has 7 senior experts and 23 engineers with the leading level in the industry. Company has been in east China (yangzhou thermal management projects department/changzhou PACK project team), north China (Beijing/thermal baic thermal management team), south China (zhuhai PACK project department/zhongshan thermal management team, research and development department in shenzhen), southwest (chongqing dajiang one for the team/project/chengdu nanning Martin program) to set up an office, Support customers to carry out design and development work; Focusing on innovation and research, the comp......




    • 2021 05-15

      Guide to Chinese Climate Policy

      Electric Vehicles + LEAVE US COMMENTS Background China leads the world in deployment of electric vehicles. At the end of June 2019, almost half the electric cars and 99% of the electric buses in the world were in China. China also dominates...

    • 2021 05-15

      Tesla's new battery technology could drive down cost of electric cars

      Teslas new battery technology could drive down cost of electric cars, company says The company plans to offer a $25,000 vehicle in three years, officials say. By Michael Dobuski and Leighton Schneider 26 September 2020, 23:28 6 min read 0:5...

    • 2021 05-15

      Tesla’s New Structural Battery Pack

      BATTERIES Teslas New Structural Battery Pack Its Not Cell-To-Pack, Its Cell-To-Body Teslas Battery Day was not just full of surprises. When you read between the slides, Tesla made a lot of product announcements, many of which are still awai...

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